Kindle Stories

Helene [Hel-lain-a] at Mama Henney’s Boarding School for Girls. My grandmothers adventures as a 16-18-year-old at an all girls school for aristocrats in 1900 northern Italy.

Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation. The story of my twice Jewish aunt, with a Jewish father and a Jewish husband, amazing survival during the Holocaust in Germany 1937-1945.   

Yellowstone’s Child.  Kidnapped at 10 with complete amnesia she recovers her memory at 22.  Rated “G.”  Great story for teens.

One Android, 399 lives – 59th Street Terror Attack Kills 399. Fictional terrorist attack in NY

The Memory Tree, A Christmas Story.  A great read for families at Christmas gatherings.  Takes 15-20 minutes to read.  For all ages.  It clearly presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf. A 17th century German folk tale told by my father that includes the 1922 fulfillment of the curse.